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Better Buses, Better Cities

Better Buses, Better Cities is my first book, which tells real-world stories about how cities have worked to make bus service better, and how doing so confronts the twin crises of climate change and urban inequality. Half technical backgrounder and half political field manual, I hope it can inspire you to fight for better transit in your own city.


"Likely the best book ever written on improving bus service in the United States." - Randy Shaw, Beyond Chron

"The ultimate roadmap for how to make the bus great again in your city." - Spacing 

Named one of the Top 10 Urban Planning Books of 2019 by Planetizen and Highly Recommended by the Association of College and Research Libraries' Choice magazine.

Published by Island Press, and available from local bookstores, direct from the publisher, and through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Apple Books.

Press, Excerpts, and Additional Reviews


Missing the bus (Interview, 99% Invisible) 


Why the bus got so bad, and how to save it, (Interview, CityLab) 


Fighting for transit in boardrooms and church halls (Excerpt, Strong Towns)

How to win the fight for fair and equitable transit (Excerpt, Next City)

A fine new guide for transit activists (Review, Human Transit)

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