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Never again is now: The transportation professions' responsibility to work toward justice (Concluding chapter, Justice and the Interstates)


A mobility guarantee for rural America (Eno Center for Transportation; winner of Martin Wachs Memorial Essay Contest - second place, professional category)


Biden's transportation department could be great for cities (CityMonitor)


Uber and Lyft are charging through Washington's revolving door (The New Republic). Unreality check (Urban Omnibus)


I used this map to find a happy childhood (CityLab). How to win the fight for fair and equitable transit (Next City - an excerpt from my book). To transform bus networks, understand networks of power (Streetsblog USA). Demand more from transportation bill (The Progressive). Make it easier to buy a bus ride: Instead of vilifying fare evasion, understand who does it and why (New York Daily News). We can't tackle climate if we ignore the main polluter — transportation (The Hill).



Transit equity starts at home, not in Washington (Governing Magazine). Express trains to O'Hare are nice, but let's get back on the bus (Chicago Sun-Times). The design bible that changed how Americans bike in cities (The Atlantic).


Activism on the subway platform (How We Get to Next)


Without more walkable cities, building more transit won't reverse LA Metro's ridership decline (Los Angeles Times). The city that never shouts (Urban Omnibus). Connecticut wastes money widening roads (Hartford Courant). Biking and walking: Fewer funds, greater local control (Planning & Environmental Law)

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